What is a Worship Service?

Written by Peter H. Holtvluwer Category: We Believe
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What is a Worship Service?

Twice every Sunday, the church gathers together to meet with her God – that is the essence of worship. Why do we worship? Simply put, because God calls us to. He wants to maintain a relationship with His people. God has given us the Bible as His Word, and from there we hear Him call us to meet with Him in worship. We gather in order to honour, praise, and glorify Him. We do this because God is our Creator and our Saviour. At the same time, we receive from the Lord wonderful gifts – forgiveness of our sins, peace with Himself, and His continued care over our lives.

Receiving God’s Gifts

How do we receive these gifts? God gives them to us especially through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we listen, we hear from the Bible all about God’s gifts, how he has sacrificed His own Son to save us from our sin, how He has sent His Holy Spirit to give us faith and even live in our hearts. It’s really amazing what God has done! As well, we hear God’s will explained in the preaching so that we understand how we are to live as Christians, as God’s holy people.

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