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A sermon is God’s message for His people as it is declared publicly by His church. Every sermon is based on the Bible, God’s written Word. In the Bible, God has made Himself and His salvation known. The Lord Jesus Christ also appoints preachers in the church to explain and apply that Word to His people for their comfort and guidance. In the Bible, God communicates many things but the overall theme is: salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. A faithful sermon will bring that out along with many other treasures from God’s Word.

Sermons are important because God has chosen preaching to bring people to faith. Romans 14:17 tells us clearly, “So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes by the preaching of Christ.” Everyone who is interested in following Christ and growing in faith must come and listen to this preaching!

It is good to listen to the preaching via the Internet or other means. But please do not stop there if at all possible. God calls His people not only to listen to His Word but also to worship Him with His church! He calls us to join with fellow believers in a local church under the leadership of the elders, deacons and minister He appoints, to be a help to one another and collectively to be a light in this dark world. May God bless your listening of these sermons and lead you to be a living member of His church, wherever you live!

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The Bible teaches that the Lord's Day has been set aside for rest and worship. Therefore we worship in the morning and the afternoon. Our worship services are formal. The Bible teaches that a worship service is not merely the meeting of a number of people with one another but above all the meeting between God and his people. Reverence and respect are fitting as we worship in the presence of God. The sermon takes central place in our worship services. The Bible teaches that faith comes from the Holy Spirit and is strengthened by the preaching of God's Word. The Bible also teaches that the preaching of God's Word is meant to give direction for holy living.
The opening of Scripture is therefore central to the worship services.

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